6 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Day-Of Wedding Coordinator in Vancouver

Thinking about hiring a day-of coordinator for your wedding? Having professional coordination services arranged will definitely enhance the enjoyment of your wedding and allow you to focus on getting married and not all the little details.

We can’t count the amount of times we’ve heard our couples say that the number one thing they couldn’t have gone without on their wedding day was day-of coordination, so if you’re on the fence with your decision, here’s our top 6 reasons why you should consider fitting someone to handle all of the little details into your budget…


Photo: Taryn Baxter

1. Peace of mind. 

You’ve worked so hard on wedding-day details like your escort cards and favors, and your day-of coordinator will ensure all of those personal touches come to life exactly as you had imagined with the same passion as if you had done it yourself.

2. More time to spend with your guests.

Instead of having to deal with the inevitable last-minute hiccups that come up, your day-of coordinator will be there to do it. Gone are the days when Mom and Aunt Terry have to rush to set up the ceremony chairs, reception tables and organize members for family photos…a day-of coordinator takes care of it all so you and your entire family can relax and enjoy the day with your loved ones, stress-free.

3. Not having to create the wedding-day timeline. 

One of the main duties of a wedding coordinator is to create a detailed, minute-by-minute wedding schedule, which is distributed to everyone in the wedding party as well as each vendor. Not having to put this together on your own is a huge burden off your shoulders, not to mention the fact that a good coordinator will likely think of lots of small details that you might not have even considered. 

4. Not having to coordinate the rehearsal. 

Another main role of a day-of coordinator is to run the ceremony rehearsal — instructing the bridesmaids and groomsmen on where they will be standing, in what order they should line up, and the outline of the ceremony proceedings. Not having to coordinate this on your own means more quality time to spend with your wedding-party members and family before the big day.

5. Not having to do any wrangling. 

You’d be amazed how much time is spent on the wedding day wrangling up certain people at certain times: tracking down a missing groomsmen as the ceremony is about to begin, finding Aunt Sue for family pictures and locating the maid-of-honor when it’s time for her toast. A day-of coordinator is in charge of making sure the right people are in the right place at the right time.

6. They’re budget friendly.

Day-of coordinators love working with brides and grooms who want to plan their own wedding and then pass it off to someone in the last few months to ensure that everything goes according to plan. Due to the fact that day-of coordinators aren’t involved with the detailed planning process as much as typical wedding planners, they’re much more budget friendly and easy to sneak into your big day.

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