Alana + John | VanDusen Botanical Gardens Wedding

Alana + John’s spring wedding last month was a breeze. These two were the sweetest couple and that groom could not keep his hands off his lovely new wife. The ceremony took place in the visitor center at VanDusen Botanical Gardens which held a special spot in the bride’s heart as her father was the architect behind the design. Simple and elegant decor brought out the natural beauty of the space and we were thrilled to be a part of it.

Take a look at a little sneak peek into their day below…

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Tara + Jeff | Vancouver Club Wedding

Tara and Jeff’s sunny September wedding was straight out of a coordinators dream. The sweetest couple, stunning venue, emotional ceremony, gorgeous florals, live ceremony music, and a rock star photographer rounded out one of our favourite weddings to date. Re-living this beautiful day through the lens our talented friend, Sachin Khona Photographer certainly solidifies why we love what we do.

Take a peek at a few of our favourites! How fabulous did their bridal party look?!

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Tradition Tuesday: Boutonnieres

balconi floral bout title

Nowadays, most men will only wear a flower on the lapel of their jacket a handful of times; prom, their wedding, and other family members’ weddings – basically any affair for which formal wear is standard. In the past, where men wore boutonnieres much more frequently, it gave them ample opportunity to be as conservative or as daring as they wanted to with them. Now, with only a few opportunities to make a style statement with this fashion accessory, it’s important to pick the right one to suit each occasion.

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Tradition Tuesday: Will You Be My Maid of Honour?

So, you’re engaged – YAY! Many soon to be brides know who their right hand lady is going to be well before they get engaged. It’s often their long time, know-you-like-the-back-of-my-hand best friend from high school or their loveable sister. Gone are the days when brides would simply ask their loved ones the big question over the phone or coffee – with Pinterest invading our cellphones and computers, popping the much anticipated, “Will you be my maid of honour?” question has never had the possibility to be more original or personal!

When it came time to ask my best friend, Amberlea, to be my maid of honour, I was seriously stressing over how I was going to ask her. I wanted it to be cute, personal and I really wanted to make sure that she knew how much she was loved and that I couldn’t imagine having anyone else by my side other than her. I scrolled through Pinterest and became inspired by this picture.
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Why We Love Slow Motion Video Booths

It’s official. The girls at Down the Aisle are in love with slow motion (slo-mo) video booths. While we still have a soft spot for the good ‘ol fashioned photo booths (and have several photo strips on our fridges as a testament), slo-mo video booths have really captured our hearts. Imagine the fun you’ve had at any photo booth and multiply that by 100. Because slo-mo booths are so dynamic and engaging, it really amps up the fun level by capturing the creativity and enjoyment of your guests. And unlike photo booths which are limited to viewing the individual photo strips, guests can watch the slo-mo video over and over again and re-live the antics and fun.

We first heard about slow motion video booths back in August when we came across an online video from Super Frog Saves Tokyo and was praying that a Vancouver based studio would soon offer it. Butter Studios heard our prayer and we finally got to experience it at the Vancouver Wedding Meetup in October where they showcased their slo-mo booth to the local wedding industry.

With confetti, balloons and silly string as props, we guarantee that your guests will LOVE this new wedding trend. Check out Butter Studio’s slo-mo video from the Meetup and enjoy the fun!

Vancouver Wedding Industry Meetup Slo-Mo VIdeo from Butter Studios and Photobooths on Vimeo.

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Tradition Tuesday: Engagement Photos

For today’s tradition, I thought I would share some of my favourite engagement photos that my fiancé Mike and I had done with our wedding photographer, the lovely Mikaela, from Mikaela Ruth Photography. Mikaela is one of my favourite wedding photographers, and you can read more about her when she was one of our featured vendors here.

When we got engaged back in April, the first thing that we did (like most newly engaged couples) was book our wedding photographer and in doing so, we began planning for our engagement shoot. With a destination wedding in Mexico in our future, we knew we wanted to take advantage of the unique architecture and natural light that the Vancouver Airport had to offer so we planned just that! Mike is an avid photographer, so I’m quite used to him taking photos of me but I was honestly a bit worried for Mike, since it’s not very often that he finds himself modeling in front of the camera (though, he could totally be a model, in my completely biased opinion…) Regardless of the hundreds of pairs of eyes that were on Mike and I, the busy airport didn’t affect how we acted around one another and in front of the camera. Mikaela’s instructions and her relaxed demeanor made it easy and comfortable for Mike and I to focus on one another to really let our love for one another shine so Mikaela was able to work her magic. The photos truly exceeded our expectations, and when I saw them for the first time I couldn’t help but stare at them for hours on end. We truly feel like our love was captured so perfectly, and here are a few of our favourites!

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Featured Vendor: CheddarBooth

I’m a firm believer that  you can never have too many photos from your wedding day. Whether they’re traditional family portraits, newlywed photos, or photos showing off your guests’ personalities, the more the merrier! Photo booths have become a popular addition to weddings, allowing your guests to kick back and have fun with memories captured for you to look back on (and make fun of!) for years to come.

I was first introduced to CheddarBooth when my fiancé, Mike and I hired our wedding photographer, Mikaela (read more about her in one of our previous featured vendor posts here – you will love her!) Mikaela and Shane are husband and wife and also a pretty unstoppable duo with Mikaela’s successful photography business accompanied by CheddarBooth. The first time I stepped into CheddarBooth was at Spruce Collective‘s Ladies Night a few months ago, where my lovely maid of honour and I spent the evening checking out our favourite local store where CheddarBooth was set up for some entertainment. This photo booth is honestly like no other! Not only are Shane’s props higher quality and much more unique but having Shane push the shutter, setting off the flash and capturing your pose when you’re ready allows for a few less of those award in between photos that are so prevalent in traditional photo booths. Not to mention, the fact that CheddarBooth uses high quality, professional cameras makes all the difference in the world when it comes to how your photos turn out!

Looking for some added fun to your big day? Read on to hear about what Shane told me about the wonderful CheddarBooth and check out these hilarious photos!

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Featured Vendor – The Pink Spatula

The first time I tried a marshmallow from The Pink Spatula, was when a family member brought home a little sample bag of the Toasted Coconut variety. Soft, sweet, pillowy marshmallows rolled in toasted coconut…I couldn’t resist and I was quickly hooked how much better they were than traditional store bought varieties. I can honestly say that once you have one of Tina’s gourmet marshmallows, you’ll never go back!

Not only do they make great little gifts and wedding favours, but they can easily compliment dessert tables due to Tina’s large variety of flavours and ambition to try new and exciting combinations. Having a hot beverage bar? These little bundles of marshmallowy goodness would turn a traditional hot chocolate or latte into a decadent after dinner drink that your guests would love!

If you’re looking for a unique treat for your dessert table, or you’re still on a hunt for wedding favours, read about all the great options The Pink Spatula can offer below!

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Featured Vendor: Mikaela Ruth Photography

I find it so interesting that when you fall in love with someone, and even more so when you share a home with them, you kind of morph into an unintentional, uni-person at times. My fiancé, Mike and I are in  many ways the same person. We react, think and feel the same in most situations which is one of the many reasons why we’re so good together. We both love the same cuisines, making dinners a breeze and the little things are never taken for granted by either one of us in our relationship. Like many couples, you’ll often hear words coming out of our mouths that sound like a foreign language to anyone other than ourselves – something we’re frequently teased for whenever someone hears it for the first time. I have dreams and a bucket list that are bigger than most, and if there’s anyone who I know will have my back on each any every one, it’s my soon to be husband! When I think back to when we first met, it was a combination of all of this which made me realize that he was a keeper. It also definitely helped that we both share the same thought on the epitome of perfection: a Saturday night date spent watching a movie cuddled up on the couch. We may enjoy the simple things, but our relationship is so complex and unique that when we began planning our wedding we knew that this had to be captured perfectly.

Luckily, there was no question in our minds that Mikaela Ruth Photography could capture how Mike and I felt about one another on film. When I stumbled across Mikaela’s blog for the first time I was amazed by her ability to capture the most beautiful moments; moments that I found many photographers would miss. You’ll notice, when you look through her portfolio that the love that emerges in each photo is not posed or positioned, it’s pure and natural. Mike and I feel so incredibly blessed to have such a talented photographer (and her husband, Shane, who is also her 2nd shooter) join us on our adventure to Mexico for our wedding. I recently chatted with Mikaela to get a little more information for all of our Down The Aisle couples who are planning their weddings. I can whole heartedly recommend Mikaela, since after only a few short weeks of communicating we love her already!

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Tradition Tuesday: Wedding Favours

Wedding favours are a great way to show your guests your appreciation for their support on your wedding day. Many of your loved ones may travel from a far city, province or perhaps even another country so a small morsel of gratitude is a great way to make sure everyone leaves with a little love. With websites like Pinterest and Etsy on couples radars, favour options are absolutely endless. DIY savy couples are inspired by easily accessible pages of projects and incorporating a couple’s personality into their wedding favours has never been easier.

In the act of supporting local, here are a few great BC businesses that would make great favours at your wedding!

Macarons…how can you not love them? Macarons are huge right now, and for good reason. They add a punch of elegance to a table, and as soon as your guests see them, you know they won’t be able to hold back from diving into the pretty little box they’re sitting in. With a huge variety of flavours such as salted caramel, vanilla lavender, raspberry lemon, chocolate hazelnut and even bacon salted caramel, Kitchening  & Co By Carly Wintschel is sure to find the perfect fit for your day. If you’re in the mood for a macaron after seeing her beautiful photos, you can enjoy these treats at Urban Fare – trust me, they’re delicious!

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