Our Team

About Nicole

Nicole started Down the Aisle in 2007 after searching for a day-of coordinator for her own wedding. Although most wedding planning companies offer a day-of service, many of them are booked for full planning on prime dates. After assisting her friends and family with their own weddings, Nicole finally found an outlet for her organizational and Type A personality.

With a background in finance and hospitality management, Nicole knows how to work under pressure. The adrenaline rush of pulling off a successful event is what she enjoys most. As a mom of three running two businesses, she can handle pretty much anything your wedding can throw at her!

Nicole likes to refer to herself as a wedding project manager and with dozens of weddings under her belt, will ensure that you only have to worry about walking down the aisle!

About Priscilla

Instead of stressing out and worrying about all of the little details, brides (and grooms) should be able to enjoy the magic and importance of their wedding day. Priscilla’s job is to make sure that you’re able to do just that.

Priscilla started working with Down the Aisle in the summer of 2011 assisting Nicole with larger and more complicated weddings and enhancing her previous event planning training. She bring over 5 years of corporate event planning experience that includes everything from galas and parties to product launches and corporate trade shows.

Priscilla strives to make sure that your dream wedding goes off as smoothly and as perfectly as you envisioned. Let her be your guide and trouble-shooter so that all you have to do is wake up and walk down the aisle!

About Sarah

Sarah has always had a passion for weddings, special events and a true desire to work with people. With her love of food and wine, decorating, and (an admittedly nerdy) delight in color-coding and list making, wedding coordination is the perfect fit for Sarah. Armed with a perpetually positive attitude and creative trouble shooting skills, she promises to make you feel at ease on one of the happiest days of your life.

Sarah is intrigued by how love is expressed differently by every couple she meets. It is this insightful recognition of individuality that inspires her to carry out your wishes exactly as you had imagined with the same passion as if you had done it yourself! To Sarah, wedding coordination is much more than spreadsheets and timelines. It’s about being a friend and confidante, listening and guiding, inspiring and creating so that she can be your voice on your wedding day allowing you to just smile and walk down the aisle!

About Meme

Weddings these days are as elaborate as you could possibly imagine, but where to start? Meme Brooks is a seasoned interior decorator, colour expert and party planner extraordinaire with all the credentials to back her up. She possesses the perfect combination to create the wedding day style that screams “you” and your fabulous relationship. Meme starts with your vision, a colour scheme, the back drop, all the printed material and flowers and then layers them with your emotional and personal design elements. All of these ingredients are married together with a style that celebrates who you are and sets the stage for an unforgettable evening.

Let Meme and the Down the Aisle team be your inspiration from the start and set up an initial design consultation. You can either leave the decorating in our hands (knowing it will be stress free through out the whole planning process) or take action on our design recommendations yourself and release your inner Martha Stewart with the confidence that you’ve started on the right designer foot. Either way, you can rely on the Down the Aisle team to be your perfect day-of wedding planners!

About Junie

From getting all the little details just right, to the hustle and bustle of your wedding day, Junie can be found taking care of it.  With a passion in making a vision come to fruition, Junie’s energy, ability to organize, and problem solve will ensure all you do is have fun and enjoy your day as you planned.  With all the energy you put into planning your big day, why shouldn’t you get to sit back and take it all in?

Junie joined Down the Aisle in the 2014 wedding season.  To fine tune her skills, Junie started off assisting in many larger weddings with the team.  During her nine to five days, Junie surrounds herself in more events as she works at a corporate event planning company.